I truly believe that C.K. & The Rising Tide sing and play from the heart, weaving stories and the art of storytelling into a new and more modern approach to making statements and singing to the raw emotion that makes country a loved and enduring music medium.

Joseph Timmons – IndiePulse Magazine (Full Article)

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C.K. & The Rising Tide’s brand of Americana features poetic, nostalgic lyrics supported by music that is rockin’ and emotionally evocative. Curtis K. Flach (“C.K.”) appreciates how a film’s soundtrack enhances and cements the emotions portrayed on-screen. C.K. has a similar agenda for his tunes: “I write music as a soundtrack to daily life – a way to express things you might not be able to say otherwise…or may not want to say.”

C.K. is joined by bassist Chris Brant, violin and keys player Danny Boudreau, drummer Robert Piccola, and lead guitarist John Lenio. After releasing their debut album, “American Romance” to positive reviews, the group is back in the studio recording their sophomore offering due to release late summer 2019.

Like a powerful dream that remains with you long into the day, C.K. & The Rising Tide’s imagery defends against the day’s distractions while warm emotions linger. With catchy hooks, impactful music, and rich layers of lyrical texture, C.K. & The Rising Tide is a driving force that everybody can get behind and everybody can get something out of.